Project “Manager of Your Own Destiny”– TC ERASMUS + in Rossano

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The Project “Manager of Your Own Destiny “was created in the wake of the European action on youth entrepreneurship. Project promoters are convinced that the current socio-economic situation in Europe, and more generally the challenges that young Europeans are facing nowadays require a paradigm shift. Today’s Europe is asking young people to know how to deal with uncertainty, to be flexible, to find new opportunities and know how to use, to be able to take the initiative, to be able to build your own potential and transform ideas into reality. To do this the young Europeans need to develop special skills and ability, the  “soft skills” that enable them to adapt to the challenges of a constantly changing reality. Among these soft skills, entrepreneurship education plays a major role.
It’s not just about increasing employment: whether to proceed then to start his own business or a social enterprise, youth develop entrepreneurship learning which benefit from the knowledge of the business world and the essential skills and attitudes including creativity, initiative, tenacity, teamwork, risk awareness and sense of social responsibility, or citizenship. This is the entrepreneurial mindset that helps entrepreneurs transform ideas into action.


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