MYOD-Visit to Local City Counsil

Visit to Local City Counsil

On the last day of your stay here in Rossano, our 24 guys in the Erasmus Project + Manager of Your Own Destiny “, they went at the European Office of the municipality of Rossano, greeted by Serena fleet, by Vice Mayor Aldo Z and by the staff of this Office headed by Dott.ssa De Vita.

Through the visit to the European Office of the municipality of Rossano was possible to provide information to young people at work from that Office, on the relationship between citizens, businesses and Government, how they are allocated funds from the European Community to promote the creation of new businesses and encourage, therefore, the development of youth employment. There are many activities and projects promoted at local and European level, and to make reason the Manager showed the way in which you have to participate in order to obtain the necessary funds.
The report, which was held by Dott.ssa Damle who, admirably, he entertained the kids with slides and offered them a break as a sign of gratitude and welcome.

(Written by Emanuele Mazzuca)