Dissemination of result-"Speak Well"

“Speak Well”

Your personal opinion that we list at the end of this experience both physically and psychologically challenging is above all else a belief that if in Europe there are people like those who we met during this week, then perhaps we can be more confident in our future and to the future of Europe.

We learned two things in particular: first, that European unity is not measured by the treaties but from the bonds and by further projects and collaborations between young professionals born through exchanges like this; the second is confirmation of the fact that the comparison lets you go home with a bag from the specific gravity quite relevant (especially since enriched by intercultural issues) and full of stories to tell and disseminate.

Now we are preparing the organisation of project dissemination event Speak Well in Italy, which probably will be held between late November and early December in the city of Catanzaro. It will be an opportunity to talk about hate speech against a background, especially on racial, hate speeches have easy grip and large spread. We will work with the young catanzaresi to spread among themselves curiosity free from prejudices and to remember the value of interculturality in the change of the current development paradigm.

(Written by Elio Landis)