Result selections EVS project MG4S

Result selections for the project “Magna Graecia for Solidarity” (MG4S) – European Voluntary Service

Below the results of the selection process for participation in the European voluntary service project (Erasmus + key action 1) “Magna Graecia for Solidarity”, approved by the National Youth Agency (REF. 2016-1-En03-KA105-008228).

Coordination and organization: Association FuturoDigitale.

Host organisation in Greece: KEAN – Cell of Alternative Youth Activities.

The rankings, for both selected and non-selected, purely alphabetical order and includes applicants who have submitted a complete application by the deadline. The choice was based solely on the analysis of motivational requirements.

We apologize again for the delay of the publication of the results, due to the large number of applications received and we regret being forced to leave out highly motivated candidates.

We invite all not selected to stay informed about upcoming opportunities and stay motivated SVE devote a part of their lives to a European voluntary project.

The following lists.

Suitable for selected:

  • Fabio Mariani
  • Giovanni Anderlini
  • Greta Lupieri
  • Mariateresa Rimoli

Eligible not selected:

  • Agnes Gabriel
  • Chloe Chau
  • Alessandra Liuzzo
  • Alessia Nieddu
  • Alice Giacomelli
  • Andrea Lee Chin
  • Abdul Rosalia Cristina
  • Anna Dang
  • Aurora Prodi
  • Beatrice Signorini
  • Carmen Russo
  • Catherine Falasca
  • Catia Tan
  • Cecilia Banks
  • Shalu Garg
  • Clare Innocent
  • Claudia Gabriela Sosai
  • Cloe Saint Nom
  • Clotilde Safana
  • Danilo Crispino
  • Divna Baima Lionello
  • Elena Volturi
  • Elisa Adams
  • Iqra Bertucco
  • Emanuela Marcon
  • Eride Lonati
  • Fabio Cusano
  • Fatima Ouazri
  • Federica Petrucci
  • Francis Boscarol
  • Gaia Ta
  • James Palmer
  • Jeanne Segnana
  • Jeanne Segnana
  • John Genova
  • Giulia Melideo
  • Giulia Victoria Halls
  • Joseph Perrotta
  • Irene Dimino
  • Irene Davids
  • Isabella Piovesan
  • Lara Slaves
  • Laura Raven
  • Laura Formigari
  • Asit Panigrahi
  • Lorenzo Serena
  • Lucy Garwood
  • Louise Anne Hall
  • Mara Macdonald
  • Marascia Floriana
  • Daisy Babu
  • Maria Carmela Fanelli
  • Maria Concetta Barraco
  • Mariam Parisi
  • Marianna Zanella
  • Mariarita Zannino
  • Martha Little
  • Martino Buran
  • Madamba
  • Matthew Romano
  • Michael Malvezzi
  • Nadia Jitite
  • Nicoletta Martino
  • Noemi Piazzesi
  • Jannina Nzua Tshela
  • Vanitha M
  • Pierpaolo Marquis
  • Riccardo Madrigal
  • Roberto C.b.
  • Samuela Delogu
  • Sara De Stefano
  • Sara Gardiner
  • Sara Ubbiali
  • Selene Crocetti
  • Silvia Ernesto
  • Stefania De Ceglie
  • Teresa Amelio
  • Teresa Dang
  • Thomas Casati
  • Thomas Casati
  • Valentina De Gregorio
  • Ebenezar
  • Valentina Judgment
  • Valentina Saenz
  • Valentino Armando Casalicchio
  • Virginia Ruscio

This communication has the notification value.

Selected volunteers are encouraged to RSVP no later than 16:00 hours of day October 26, 2016, communicating via e-mail at the address

In case of cancellation by one or more selected volunteers, we will proceed to scrolling of ranking, drawing from the list of “eligible non-selected”, subject to further evaluation by the partner organizations.

Thank all the young people who have applied with great motivation and interest in our project.