Project “Natural” – Erasmus+ Programme

L’Associazione FuturoDigitale è Partner del Progetto 


del Programma Erasmus+

Applicant: Bananas diving club

Paesi partecipanti: Italia, Svezia, Portogallo e Spagna

Partecipanti: 48

Data: dal 21 al 29 Ottobre 2015

Luogo: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spagna

Futuro Digitale cerca: 10 partecipanti di età compresa tra i 15 e 19 anni + 1 Group Leader (qualsiasi età)

Condizioni economiche:

  • partecipazione alle attività, vitto e alloggio sono interamente finanziati del Programma Erasmus+.
  • il partecipante deve anticipare le spese di viaggio, a cui seguirà un rimborso fino ad un massimo di 270 €.
  • è necessario versare, prima della partenza, una quota di partecipazione di 50 €.

Ai partecipanti sarà rilasciato il certificato ”Youthpass” che descrive e convalida l’esperienza formale e informale acquisita durante il progetto, da allegare al proprio CV.

Project Details

This project proposes a set of activities to generate opportunities for young people from different countries but share things in common: economic hardship and reside in isolated places that cause difficulty in accessing opportunities. We want each and every young enjoy , equal in nature.

This exchange we will develop in Las Palmas in most scenarios, but also in other municipalities of the island (Tejeda and Artenara center, Agüimes Southeast ) for 7 days with partners from Sweden, Italy and Portugal A total of 48 young participants.

The main topics of the project are :

  • European citizenship
  • Environment and climate change

The overall objective of this project is to promote and empower young people have difficulties in accessing opportunities for economic , geographical reasons by conducting environmental awareness and knowledge.

Activities include : Knowledge of participants, organizations and social contexts, Workshops, presentations and debates; Outdoor activities, evaluations, knowledge of Erasmus + and YOUTHPASS.

In the long term this project aims to mark a before and after not only involved in local societies but also in our organizations and in each one one of the participants , through a learning process based on non-formal and informal methods.

Compromise of partners: During this exchange, each partner has to implement next activities:

  • 2 ice breaking games for the 1st day of activities.
  • Presentation of the group/organisation.
  • Presentation of each participant using a game or similar.
  • 2 energyzers.
  • National night including: National/regional music about traditions and facts.
  • A 2 hours (max) workshop related to the topic of the project.
  • All participants will participate in the organisation and arrangements of the exchange, including serving food, general cleaning up (dining room, dorms, toilettes), washing up dishes, etc. To do that there will be different teams (balanced in gender and nationality) for each day.
  • This should be an itinerant experience. So the partners have to accept the fact of organizing the exchange on their countries before the end of 2016. During the exchange all foreign partners have to agree on the order of applications and deadlines to apply for.