Prosoa Rural Final Conference January 2021

Following the restrictions due to the COVID19 pandemic, the final videoconference of the PROSOA Project was organized by the Associazione di Promozione Sociale Futuro Digitale, in which very interested subjects participated from their stations, in particular young people and adults residing in small territorial communities such as Terranova da Sibari (headquarters of Futuro Digitale), Platania, Tarsia and other rural villages.

The presentation of the project by dr. Antonio Pullia (Project Manager of FD) was very positively received by the various participants, stimulating an interest in exploring the issues in progress. The objective of the project was reaffirmed, underlining the importance for young people to know the environment in which they live, take care of it and keep alive the culture that our grandparents passed on to us.

Furthermore, the conference was an opportunity to present all the material developed during the project, with the aim (common to the project) to encourage young people to have an entrepreneurial spirit focused on the generation of local development initiatives that cover the needs of the environment in which they live, preserve and promote cultural heritage and traditions.

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