Project "Volunteering for better future"-Youth Exchange Erasmus +

The FuturoDigitale Association is a partner of the project

“Volunteering for better future”

Youth Exchange ERASMUS +

Applicant: Vivat Academia

Participating countries: Lithuania, Slovakia, Italy, Spain and Turkey

Participants: 25 young

Date: from 14 to 21 November 2016 (travel days 14 and 21 November)

Place: Marijampole, Lithuania

Location: hotel accommodation

The Association FuturoDigitale search

  • 5 participants aged between 18 and 25 years
  • 1 group leader any age

Economic Conditions

  • participation in activities, room and Board are fully funded Erasmus +;
  • the participant must anticipate the travel expenses, which will be followed by a refund up to 170 €;
  • You must pay, before departure, a fee of 50 €;

Participants will receive a certificate, “Youthpass” which describes and validates the non-formal and informal learning experience gained during the project, to be attached to the CV.

For information contact the project leader, Antonio Rossi:

Objectives of the project

The aims of this youth exchange are:

  • To exchange experiences, good practices and create new ideas about volunteerism to develop rural areas and care of environment among many young people. In such way volunteerism to develop rural areas and to take care of environment will be popularized by young people in their home countries after the exchange;
  • To take care of environment of Marijampile and to develop the rural area of Suvalkija region and to promote this idea among the community of our region. All participants will be involved in several volunteerism activities that will contribute for development of region of Suvalkija and care of environment of several places in Marijampole;
  • To develop sustainable collaboration between involved youth groups/organizations; to develop ideas for volunteerism actions to develop rural areas or to take care of environment in the future;
  • To discover and share cultural similarities and differences of involved partner Countries, in order to promote intercultural learning among young people.
  • To reach objectives of the project, participants during the youth exchange activity will join common activities related to volunteerism, rural development and of course, intercultural learning. Planned activities you can find in a document called Activity Time Table; all planned activities and working methods are going to support non-formal learning of participants.