I DO-4EU project-European voluntary service

Project “I DO-4EU” – Greece – European Voluntary Service

The project “I DO-4E” is a European voluntary service project approved and financed by the Greek National Agency within the Erasmus + (nr. project: 2016-2-EL02-KA105-002422).

The project includes a mobility in Greece, in Athens, which lasts 6 months, from November to April 2016 2017 and will take place in the Greek capital, where KEAN operates in various sectors. 2 Volunteers (one from Italy and one from Turkey) will be hosted for 6 months at the headquarters of the Association KEAN. Young people will be engaged in a wide range of activities, network with associations and Government agencies partner of KEAN. The aim of the project is to support the processes of material assistance to migrants as well as partner with the Association in the different activities on the territory of Athens.

Volunteers are not required specific skills or qualifications, but only large proactivity and motivation to engage on the topic of the project.

Coordination and organization:

Host organisation:

  • Association “KEAN – Cell of Alternative Youth Activities” (Greece) – website Facebook

Deadline for nominations: March 2016

Place: Athens, Greece.

Participants: 1 young aged between 18 and 30 years of age, residing in Italy, with good knowledge of the English language, with provision to carry out voluntary activities and interest in the issue of immigration and social activities in General.

Duration: 6 months, from November to April 2016 2017.

Economic Conditions: 

  • Participation in activities, room and Board are fully funded Erasmus +.
  • The volunteer is also dispensed monthly pocket money for personal expenses.
  • Are funded: language training, logistic support group. Long distance tutoring by digital future, as sending organisation.
  • Travel expenses reimbursed up to a maximum of € 275, at the end of the project.

Participants will receive a certificate, “Youthpass” which describes and validates the non-formal and informal learning experience gained during the project, to be attached to the CV.


The increase of migration flows in Greece is an issue that is of great interest both for the Greek State and society.  The fact that Greece is in the social and economic crisis raises concerns for the present and future of migrant populations, and in particular with regard to vulnerable groups such as children, the elderly and single mothers.
In this context, KEAN has developed the project “I DO-4EU” that will give the opportunity of reception, hosting and the formation of two (2) young volunteers from Turkey and Italy, to offer their volunteer services of various kinds. Through the Organization’s existing activities in this project will fill the void created by the fragmentary information on access to health services, accommodation, meals and lack of reception services.
The project aims to contribute significantly to improving the living conditions of the immigrant population that is coming to Athens and the defence of their fundamental rights. So the volunteers will be engaged in activities that help immigrants newly arrived in Greece under the instruction and guidance of the team of KEAN and its partners.

Main activities for volunteers:
-active participation in experiential education programs aimed at children of primary and secondary schools, which the organization carries out under different forms since its foundation.

-participation in the management of web pages, websites and social media in your organization (creating articles, blogs, press releases, update, translations).

-support to the “Information Service Center in Athens, which is aimed at immigrant populations.

-active participation in the creation of a “network of communication and cooperation,” which will involve other institutions, agencies and organisations involved in immigration issues (creating, updating and expansion of the database).

-participation in the activities of “street work” (identify the target groups and provide them with information).

-support of the function of “Creative Center” aimed at immigrant populations (participation in creative activities will appeal to children, while their parents will receive advice and listening).

For more details check out the official Info-Kit: download it HERE!

Application and selection

To apply you must send an email with CV and application form to the responsible of KEAN (Iro Louka) in hrwlkkean@gmail.com and in copy to evs@futurodigitale.org (Antonio Rossi). The application form can be downloaded by CLICKING HERE.

In the subject line of the email must be marked “application (Full_name) _ I DO-4E”.

The Association KEAN will proceed shortly to selection through interviews via Skype for candidates found fit to a first pre-selection.

For more details on the project and for information, write to Antonio Rossi, Digital Future EVS Coordinator: evs@futurodigitale.org or call 333 403 2852.