Project "Active citizens, volunteers in my village" – Youth Exchange ERASMUS + Programme

The FuturoDigitale Association is a Partner of the project

“Active citizens, volunteers in my village”

Youth Exchange ERASMUS +

Applicant: Volunteering for All Association

Participating countries: Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovakia

Participants: 40 young

Date: from 1 to 12 September 2016

Place: Milcoveni, Romania

Location: Marabu Camp

The Association FuturoDigitale search

  • 8 participant aged 16-26 years;
  • 1 group leader of any age.

Economic Conditions

  • participation in activities, room and Board are fully funded ERASMUS+;
  • the participant must anticipate the travel expenses, which will be followed by a refund up to 170 €;
  • You must pay, before departure, a fee of 50 €;

Participants will receive a certificate, “Youthpass” which describes and validates the non-formal and informal learning experience gained during the project, to be attached to the CV.


According to the European Commission and Council of Europe research the youngsters from rural areas or from geographic isolated areas are facing very often lack of opportunities to spend free time/to develop themselves or to obtain a working place. At the same time the involvement of the youngsters from rural areas in the life of the community and in the decision making process in the rural areas it’s very low. Activ citizens, volunteers in my village youth exchange will have the purpose to make the youngsters from rural areas understand how important is their involvement in civic and volunteering activities, aimed to contribute to the sustainable development of their local community.


The objectives of the project:

1. To increase the motivation level of 40 youngsters from 5 countries to be involved in civic and volunteering activities.

2. To increase the level of knowledge of 40 participants about voluntary work and how volunteering activities can contribute to the development of their local community

3. To increase the level of knowledge of 40 youngsters about what mean civic involvement and the decision making process at local level and about how they can contribute to the development of the local community through involvement.

4. To increase the level of knowledge of 40 youngsters about the customs, traditions, food and stories from the five rural communities involved in this project.

5. To develop the initiative sense of the 40 youngsters involved in this project

6. To increase the level of knowledge of 40 youngsters about storytelling and how you can activate the community using stories

7. To promote volunteering in the five rural communities from the partner’s countries involved in this project

The activities of this exchange will be based on practice and will use nonfomal education methods, with a main focus on learning by doing.