Internships and work placements

FuturoDigitale as part of a greater enlargement of the activities and staff of the Association, to provide a larger know-how to its members, when it initiated long-term projects and to give the same members more opportunities for involvement on the ground and in international activities, has made special arrangements with universities and for starting internships and work placements.

University of Calabria-page Convention

Dott.ssa Anna Veltri, from 29 April to 4 July 2014, at the Head Office of FuturoDigitale

Italy Lavoro SPA: Neet-Not in Education, Employment or Training

Dr. Antonio Rossi, from 26 June to 29 September 2014, at the Head Office of FuturoDigitale

Youth Guarantee Calabria

Dott.ssa 9 8 March 2015 to Clear Manna from October 2016, at the Head Office of FuturoDigitale

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