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Since 2013 thanks to the Erasmus exchange programs, we have welcomed within our association several dozen students from all over the world for internships, and developed with them many activities in collaboration with local people, and many volunteers. Furthermore, we claim to care about helping our interns to develop new skills and enhance their knowledge, in order to allow them at the end of their internship to be ideally able to manage their own project.

Among the exchange programs set up by Erasmus we develop with our future hosts, you will have the possibility according to your status to perform your internship with:


FuturoDigitale presents the Erasmus experience and the activities of the Erasmus Plus Programme through the interviews of Erasmus interns and local people, in order to promote and retrace this amazing experience!

Format TV “Guys from Europe” Question and Answer
video Pedro article Oksana
video Gonzalo e Óscar  article Mariangela
video Yeray, Sara, Iria e Andrea  article  Tanya
video Andreea, Cristian e Yordan  article  Rasool
video Tomas  article  Acel
video Tatiana e Jose  article  Akvile
video Antonio, Oscar, Valery e Ines   article  Maribel Postigo Perez
article Federico Baroni
article David Perea El Kalifi
article Nikoletta Spyrou
article Janaina Morais
article Furkan
article Hasan
article Boyanka
article Efecenk and Mustafa


Summer 2016

As many students come from all over the world, Terranova Da Sibari is a multicultural city where they can share together with the local population languages, traditions, and customs.
camera Terranova da Sibari
camera Rossano
camera Acqua Park
camera Happy hour
foto  “Let’s start to talk” – 1

Through these thematic appointments local youth have the opportunity to learn foreign languages in a dynamic, creative by comparison with young people from different European countries.

There are several issues discussed during the appointments, in order to stimulate knowledge, curiosity and desire to learn about new cultures.

foto “Let’s start to talk” – 2
foto “Let’s start to talk” – 3
foto “Let’s start to talk” – 4
foto “Let’s start to talk” – 5
foto “Let’s start to talk” – 6



In partnership with high schools from nearby cities and the European Commission, a forum on multilingualism is organised. This initiative aims to encouarge youth to familiarize with the teaching and the learning of foreign languages from an early age.
debate I Forum Territoriale sul Multilinguismo – Belvedere Marittimo
debate II Forum Territoriale sul Multilinguismo – Rossano


Erasmus Special Night

FuturoDigitale organizes for the integration of European cultures, socio-cultural events with the involvement of local authority and its population.
drink  Erasmus in Musica 2016 & 2017
music Manifestazione Internazionale Erasmus – Terranova da Sibari 2016


Team games

Sports tournament called Toyland takes place in Terranova Da Sibari during 2 days where Erasmus students are involved and confront local residents in several teams in skill games.
team Il Paese dei Balocchi – Terranova da Sibari  2015 – 2016 – 2017