II Territorial Forum on multilingualism

The Association FuturoDigitale


in collaboration with schools of Rossano:


II Territorial Forum on multilingualism

Languages, flying for personal growth, economic and social

Promote and govern the integration through the ERASMUS programme +

March 2016-19 Hours 9:00 Rossano Calabro-

Red Room of palazzo San Bernardino


Presentation of the Forum Rossano


Any reflection on multilingual education cannot regardless, global, multilingual societies and plurilingual people are the norm rather than the exception. Therefore, the idea that young, as they grow up, meet, learn and use multiple languages must neither surprise nor scare.

In this regard, the European Commission’s white paper ‘ teaching and learning, towards the learning society “of 1996, plurilingualism is defined” identity element “,” feature of European citizenship “and” an essential condition for membership of the learning society ‘ (society of the near future, founded on a continuous acquisition of new knowledge from a perspective of lifelong learning).

In addition, you also have to remember that most students in the world he studied in school age and also in a language other than their mother tongue and often not even a second language, but even that may be a third or fourth language. Also in this respect, the white paper recommends that “as in the European schools, the first foreign language learned becomes the language of instruction for certain subjects …”.

Europe is an increasingly multicultural environment, therefore it is now imperative that children receive a multilingual education from early childhood. In Europe many people are bilingual, other living in border areas, others have a background of migration. In the latter case, moreover, children often have difficulty in learning two languages at the same time and educators do not possess adequate means to provide the right support for bilingual children.

In this context, digital future, by virtue of the experience gained in the framework of the Erasmus programme aims, through the regional Forum +:

  • the stimulus language tool for European integration and also internationally, with the aim to increase quantity and quality of the knowledge of languages and cultures in the areas in which the Association operates;
  • the promotion and enhancement of the teaching of foreign languages and cultures;
  • to promote communication skills of students;
  • the promotion of multilingualism and linguistic diversity;
  • the thrust of language learning since preschool, allowing children to develop language skills since kindergarten;
  • to foster the knowledge of languages as an instrument to foster intercultural dialogue and help improve job opportunities.


Hours 9.00: registration

Hours 9.30: opening and presentation of the FORUM

  • Greetings: Chairman of the Association FuturoDigitale, Antonio GALLO
  • Prefectorial Comune di Rossano, Dr Aldo LOMBARDO
  • Head teachers of schools participating of Rossano
  • Dr. Fortunato ABBOTT, ceo of Abbott licorice Factory “
  • Dr. Ugo MAXIMILLA, head of the Regional Council of Calabria

10.10 hours: Introduction work

  • The civic importance of language competence: the model of the “European Parliament of women”.
  • Presentation and opening of the European Parliament of the boys
  • Speaker: Prof.ssa Maria Grazia CIANCIULLI, Dir. High schools “t. Campanella” from Belvedere Marittimo

10.30 a.m.: the value of mother tongue: heritage to be protected and promoted.

  • Speaker: Prof.ssa Francesca PIEDMONT, Resp. PLIDA “The Dante Alighieri Society,” Committee of Cosenza

10.50 hours: From education to work: language skills in support of employability.

  • Supervisor: Prof. Francesco ALTIMARI
  • Director of the Department of Languages and education science (Università della Calabria)

11.10 hours: Europe as a training workshop: the experience “SVE”.

  • Rapporteur: Dr. Antonio ROSSI, Project Manager and EVS projects of “digital future”

Hours 11.30: Ragazzo dell’europa: activities organized by Erasmus boys “digital future”

Ore 11.40: multilingualism and intercultural dialogue: parameters of development and social cohesion.

  • Speaker: father Pino STRAFACE, Director of CARITAS of the Archdiocese of Rossano-Cariati

12.00 a.m.: Multiculturalism and European Union: solutions for the future.

  • Read press release from the resolution adopted by the European Parliament of the boys

12.10 hours conclusions and closure.


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