App Emergency 4U (EN)

VOLANTINO_APP english version

The app Emergency 4U was designed to help people deal with situations of emergency, making them feel safer. The app offers many emergency and prevention services such as:

  1. The SOS service: in case of emergency,  pressing an SOS  button, the app automatically localizes user and alert the contacts (that were previously saved on the contact list)
  2. First Aid Service: personal information about user identity and possible pathologies such as  hypersensitivity, intolerance, diabetes,  etc. are always available on the mobile phone to allow rescuers to operate adequately.
  3. Drugs List & Reminder: you can save a detailed list of medications or current therapies so, if you have to go the hospital, doctors are aware of your medical situation. The reminder service reminds you to take the medicines you have saved in your drug list.

The app was designed thinking about the safety of users. It requires no remote connections or sign-in steps and this means reliability and complete privacy for personal information.