Project “The use of social media and social networks” – Erasmus+ Programme

L’Associazione Futuro Digitale è ufficialmente Partner del Progetto 

“The use of social media and social networks: opportunities and limitations?

del Programma Erasmus+

Applicant: Learning mobility of individuals

Paesi partecipanti: France, Spain and Italy

Partecipanti: 24

Date del progetto:

  • – Visita preliminare: dal 19 al 21 Giugno 2015 (Group Leader + 1 partecipante)
  • – Scambio dei giovani dal 4 al 13 Luglio 2015 (Group Leader + 6 partecipanti)

Luogo:  Saint Jean, France

Futuro Digitale cerca: 6 partecipanti di età compresa tra i 15 e 17 anni + Group Leader

Condizioni economiche:

  • – partecipazione alle attività, vitto e alloggio sono interamente finanziati del Programma Erasmus+.
  • – il partecipante deve anticipare le spese di viaggio, a cui seguirà un rimborso fino ad un massimo di 170 €.
  • – è necessario versare, prima della partenza, una quota di partecipazione di 50 €.

Ai partecipanti sarà rilasciato il certificato ”Youthpass” che descrive e convalida l’esperienza formale e informale acquisita durante il progetto, da allegare al proprio CV.

About project

Become a citizen of the European Union, requires since young age, commitment and learning to develop their critical and membership in Europe. To do this, the European Commission supports states in the development of non-formal education, youth mobility and civic engagement through the Erasmus+ program. (INJEP)

The strategy “Europe 2020” of the European Union consists of the establishment of a sustainable, smart and inclusive Growth. One of its objectives is the optimal use of information and communication technologies for an efficient digital society.

In this context, it is essential to develop an intercultural education project box, which allows young people to develop a better mastery of digital technologies, including intelligent use of social media. Communication, self-expression, creative spaces, social media can also appear as a wonderful co-building and collaboration tool for participatory citizenship. Social networks have recently been such as a media in mobilizing  of Spanish citizen to participate in popular referendums.

Some facts: Facebook is the most visited social network in Europe, with 60% of European consumers who regularly on site. It is estimated that 9 of 10 teens use at least one social network and according to Médiamétrie, in France, 23% of 13-24 year olds are enrolled in more than four social networks. The average age at first access is 7 years in Denmark and Sweden, and 8 years in several other countries in Northern Europe. For the age group of 15 to 24, nearly 90% of Swedish go online at least once a day to one or more accounts on social networks, and 68%.of them interact.

A meeting around the use of social networks

Our youth group composed of French, Spanish and English wishes to enroll in the program “Erasmus +” from 2014 to 2020 – Key 1: Learning mobility of individuals, through a project which will run from May to September 2015, about the use of social media, their several possibilities, but also their dangers.

Supported by the MJC Saint-Jean, the College Romain Rolland, the association Mosaic senses and their partners, young people working on the construction of a planned meeting this summer in Saint-Jean.

The first step of the project will consist of the emergence of thoughts about the benefits and limitations associated with the use of these tools: research, recognition and appreciation, sense of belonging to the same community, socialization opportunities, public management friendship, developing curiosity about new topics, awakening of civic fiber; but also disclosure of private information misused, cyber harassment or targeted advertising.

In a second step, these reflections will be material to oral productions, written, graphic and visual (theatrical improvisation, mime, slam, painting, video, photography …), which will be shared at the meeting between the young people in July.

During a week, accompanied by professional theater and visual arts, they will imagine together from these productions, a show they will present to the public in the auditorium of the city of Saint Jean.

This week is also an opportunity for young people to explore and discover Saint-Jean, Toulouse and its territory, through a program of visits, cultural events, leisure and meetings, for rich intercultural exchanges and working for group cohesion.


  1. To Think about social media as public spaces of expression and construction of European citizenship
  2. To wonder a better use of social media between European counterparts
  3. To develop a common language through intercultural ways of expression graphics, digital, gestural and verbal to co-construct a show


  • – June 2015 > from 19th to 21st June
  • – Advance Planning Visit : Each young groups leads reflections about social networks
  • – Preparation of theatrical and artistic productions (theater, dance, sing, drawing…)
  • – July 2015 > saturday, july 04th,  to Monday, july 13th
  • – Exchange week : Pooling of productions and preparation of a show
  • – Visit of Saint-Jean and Toulouse, leisure and sports activities
  • – August / Septembre 2015
  • – Use of social media to enhance the project