Project “Less talk about work 2” Training Course – Erasmus+ Programme

L’Associazione FuturoDigitale è Partner del Progetto 

“Less talk about work 2” Training Course

del Programma Erasmus+

Applicant: Autonomia Descoberta.

Paesi Partecipanti: Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Albania, Spain, Finland, Turkey, Greece, Armenia

Partecipanti: 30 partecipanti

Data: dal 12 al 20 Marzo 2015

Luogo: Beja, Portogallo

L’associazione Futuro Digitale cerca: 3 partecipanti

Condizioni economiche:

  • la partecipazione alle attività, vitto e alloggio sono GRATUITE.
  • il partecipante deve anticipare le spese di viaggio, a cui seguirà un rimborso fino ad un massimo di 275 €.
  • è necessario versare, prima della partenza, una quota di partecipazione di 50 €.

Ai partecipanti sarà rilasciato il certificato ”Youthpass” che descrive e convalida l’esperienza formale e informale acquisita durante il progetto, da allegare al proprio CV.

About the project

“Less Talk About Work 2” is a Training Course (8 working days) that responding to todays’ crisis aims to enable the development of entrepreneurial skills of youth leaders and workers, volunteers and peer educators to undertake initiatives and support other young people in their searching for job opportunities.
The project will take place in Beja, Portugal and will involve 30 participants coming from different European countries: Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Albania, Spain, Finland, Turkey, Greece and Armenia. The TC addresses the Annual Priorities “Young people’s entrepreneurship” & “Unemployment” by providing participants with the necessary skills to empower young people’s spirit of initiative stimulating their mobility & their active participation in society. As stated in the EU 2020, entrepreneurship & self-employment are recognised as key for achieving smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, so through non-formal education & tools we will promote a youth spirit of initiative, specially for youth with fewer opportunities.


  • provide youth workers with innovative practices to be employed in the work with youth regarding their job search & their sense of initiative;
  • empower unemployed young people with resources to be competent and successful in their job and develop their spirit of entrepreneurship;
  • train the participants to face the world of work by preparing them to challenges & developing self-esteem, communication, problem-solving &creative thinking skills;
  • transfer knowledge, ideas & good practices among participants, promoting intercultural dialogue & valorising the active contribution of all participant;
  • create a network of participants.


  • new experiences gained by participants about the different tools& opportunities to support unemployed young people in their development
  • development Key Competences (6,7,8)
  • creation together of ideas for new projects in this field.