Project “Global Innovative Leadership Module – GILM” – Training Course ERASMUS+ K2 Programme

L’Associazione FuturoDigitale è Partner del Progetto

“Global Innovative Leadership Module – GILM”

Training Course del Programma ERASMUS+ K2

ID Progetto: 2015-2-TR01-KA205-022935

Data: dal 27 Novembre al 11 Dicembre 2016.

Luogo: Patrasso, Grecia

Numero partecipanti: 8 (4 maschi e 4 femmine)

Età: dai 18 ai 30 anni

Requisiti: studenti universitari, laureati, disoccupati (almeno con un livello base di inglese)

Costi a carico di Futuro Digitale:

  • costi di trasporto: dall’aereoporto italiano all’aereoporto di Atene A/R, dall’aereoporto di Atene a Patrasso A/R
  • costi del vitto e di alloggio

Costi per il partecipante: Soltanto i costi del trasporto dalla propria abitazione fino all’aereoporto italiano di partenza

Summary del Training Course

The main application of generated Innovative ELeadership Education Module will be implemented. At the first training, the aim would be implementing the pilot scheme. After receiving feedbacks from the pilot scheme training activities, module will have be revised, developed and took its final form with the aim of using by beneficiaries. Meanwhile, academicians, expert youth workers and representatives of sectors, student, trainers will take on the process.

Training module on ―Innovative E-Leadership Education Module is aimed at advanced Bachelor’s degree students and newly graduated employed, unemployed young people who have completed at least one year or have finished of university studies to participate in the project. In  this training participants will be learn how they can use this tools and guide to reach a purpose. This module will be have the characteristic of pilot scheme of generated module.

By the end of the training, students are required to submit a project proposal, which introduces their entrepreneurial idea. The final presentation synthesizes their work and challenges their ability to share and convey their ideas to potential strategic partners or funding institutions. We will use this pilot module for make better training module using feedback of participants. The pilot training will be in Istanbul.

Training module content

Area 1: Competition and Innovation

Area 2: Marketing

Area 3: Strateging Planning for Start-Ups

Area 4: Budgeting and Financial Controlling

Area 5: Entreprenurship and Business Organization

Area 6: Data Analysing, Interpretation and Problem Solving

Area 7: Using ICT based tools for six critical topics and increasing the employability


  • Per partecipare ti invitiamo a compilare la scheda di partecipazione che troverai su questa pagina.
  • Scadenza per la partecipazione: domenica 30 ottobre

Travel Information & Arrangements

  • Airport di Arrivo: Athens International Airport
  • Patras to Athens by Train: The preferable way to reach Patras is a suburban railway train (called Proastiakos) directly from the Airport to “Kiato”. It is operated every hour, leaving every XX:44 from the airport and arriving 1,5 hour later in Kiato. Then in Kiato there is a bus connection operated by the train company leaving to Patras after a few minutes. The last bus from Kiato leaves at 20:30 (so you have to depart no later than 18:44 to be on time in Kiato) and arrives in Patras at 22:00. The hotel is a few minutes away by foot.
  • You can buy tickets in the airport train station or online on the following link
  • Patras to Athens by Bus: A bus trip to Patras takes about 2.5 hours (express bus) or 3 hours (regular bus). They both cost the same. Advanced booking is not necessary. The routes are roughly every half hour: The bus starts from “KTEL Kifissou” where you can go there directly from Athens International Airport by taking bus X93. The trip takes about 50 minutes. It departs every 25-35 minutes.  You will get off the bus at the end of the line:

Practical Information

  • Currency: The currency in Greece is Euro. People from a non-Euro zone country could change their money in exchange offices (in Airport, Athens centre or in Patras) or the Bank of Greece (there is a bank near the hotel in Patras).
  • Weather: The weather in Patras this time of year is most sunny and warm. Temperature varies from average low 14 to average high 24 Celsius. For the latest weather forecast see here
  • Time Difference: Greece time zone is UTC+2.
  • Roaming: The major mobile operators in Greece are Cosmote, Vodafone and Wind. You can use your mobile phone if your provider has enabled international roaming. Greece calling code is +30.
  • Travel Insurance: You have to arrange your own European Health Insurance Card – social security form for your travel.
  • Electricity: In Greece we use the standard two-pin wall socket. The main voltage is 220V/50Hz. Please do not forget to bring an adaptor if you use a different plug type.

Working Hours (Patras)

  • Shops: 9:00-14:00 on Monday, Wednesday & Saturday 9:00-14:00 & 18:00-21:00 on Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.
  • Banks: 8:00-14:00 from Monday to Friday.
  • Post Offices: 7:30-20:30 from Monday to Friday. 7:30-13:30 on Saturday.
  • Pharmacies: 8:00-14:00 from Monday to Saturday. 24-hour duty pharmacies are available and the addresses can be found on any pharmacy.
  • Museums: 8:30-15:00 from Tuesday to Sunday.

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Contact Details del Partner Organizzatore:

Greg Archimandritis


Phone – Office: +30 2610874727

Mobile – WhatsApp – Viber: +30 6938116479