Preparation of participants before the mobility

   Future Entrepreneurs are ready!

Such as each Erasmus experience, it’s necessary to make  and support our group that will take part in this youth exchange  in Milcoveni.

Futuro Digitale was born to promote European citizenship, creativity and entrepreneurship. In particular work to train and educate to empower youth, to support youth in employability and reduce the Digital Divide.

Chiara Manna, project manager in Futuro Digitale, during the skype call with participants explained to them the importance of this experience and analyse with them the current condition about the youth employability in Italy, in particular in Calabria, where Futuro Digitale has its headquarter. Cosenza province represents the province with the highest rate of youth unemployment (57.9% of young people).

The conversation between participants was important in order to point out their idea, their point of view about the topic and connect all of them to the main topic of the project. Thanks to it, Futuro Digitale can ensure a good preparation of its participant to be focused on the concept of entrepreneurship, start up, sale, promotion and sustainability of a business in rural areas, to ensure its future and at the same time to help the community they live through offered goods and services tailored to its needs.

So… it’s time to go. Future Entrepreneur are ready!!!