RICK’S cafe

L’Associazione Futuro Digitale aderisce ad una nuova piattaforma RICK’S cafe’ is a community of players in education from all over Europe that have set out to bring about positive change in our schools and in education. The starting partnership of the network is made up of a number of organisations from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Germany and Poland. We also have an associate partner from the Palestinian Territories. These partners are the patrons of RICK’S cafe’. Our network is a learning network and it is high on human interaction however our dreams lie beyond the normal parameters of interaction. We started working together in December 2010 and our first training and discussions are on foresight. The work will proceed to thinking about our schools in 2020…and about of the process towards RICK’S cafe’ 2020. RICK’S cafe’ immediately embarked on the drawing up of a vision document for the network in fact some of our expert partners have put together a number of definitions and concepts for RICK’S cafe’. These definitions will accompany the network through any change in the future and will form the basis for all our discussions and outputs.