The Territorial Forum on multilingualism

The Association FuturoDigitale


in collaboration with

High schools "Tommaso Campanella" from Belvedere Marittimo

The Territorial Forum on multilingualism

Multilingual education in Multicultural

Promote and govern the integration through the ERASMUS programme +

Belvedere Marittimo-9 January 2016-at 9:00



In view of some solicitations come from faculty and young people/students who are working on the Forum and who will take part in the working groups, we have made changes on the ladder of interventions and for the performance of the work.

It was considered appropriate and deserving high school students to participate in an active hand to mouth, thanks to the creation of some performances from them, which will go from music to dance, from theater to video, all crosscurriculari activities present in the POF of high schools.

The language also has universal forms that are represented from art, music, theater and we have not forgotten even sign language, LIS, protected by the UN Convention of 2006 and recognized in 44 countries around the world. The topics will be relevant to the day, the principles of the Community Europe and shared universal values.

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Video presentation
Photo presentation


Opening of the session

8.30 a.m.: registration

  • Welcome with Performance dancing school Ballet Studio of Mary Marino

9.00 a.m.: opening of the Forum

  • Presentation of the Forum, and Erasmus interns + by FuturoDigitale


  • Headmaster of grammar schools "t. Campanella, Maria Grazia Cianciulli
  • Mayor of Belvedere Marittimo, Enrico Granata
  • Region Calabria-principal private Secretary to the Presidency of the Regional Council, Ugo Maximilla
  • President of the Association FuturoDigitale, Antonio Gallo

9.30 a.m.: Troubleshooting: presentation of the Association FuturoDigitale and the

  • ERASMUS + design and programming
  • Speakers: Robert Carrillo and Clare Manna, Project Manager FD

European Parliament Seat

  • 10.00 a.m.: second surgery: "developing and implementing CURRICULA for plurilingual and intercultural EDUCATION" Rapporteur: Dir. Maria Grazia Cianciulli
  • Ore 10.20: third intervention: "MULTILINGUAL EDUCATION in MULTICULTURAL" Rapporteur: Dott.ssa Aphrodite Kamara, Director of European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation-EGTC Amphictyony


  • 11.00 a.m.: Fourth intervention: "the cultural and artistic diversity to INTERCULTURAL DIALOGUE: NEW FRONTIERS" Rapporteur: Prof.ssa Vincenza Ferrara, Director DIGILAB-interdepartmental Center of research and services University "La Sapienza"
  • Recitation of a passage from Shakespeare-excerpt from "Romeo and Juliet" in LIS
  • Hours 11.30: Fifth intervention: "LANGUAGE SKILLS in order to improve the efficiency of ENTERPRISES" supervisor: Dr, Chamber of Commerce of Cosenza

Theatre-Acting a piece by Eduardo De Filippo – taken from "Natale in casa Cupiello"

  • 12.00 a.m.: Sixth intervention: "the teaching/learning of Italian, the VALUING of PLURILINGUALISM" Rapporteur: Dott.ssa Maria Christina Parise, The Company "Dante Alighieri", Committee of Cosenza
  • 12.20 hours: conclusions and CLOSURE


  • Councillor UNPLI-Calabria, Antonello Big Valley
  • ABS. Youth policy-city of Belvedere, Maria Rachele Fash