“Share and Go” – Youth exchange Erasmus+ Programme

Associazione Futuro Digitale is Leader of the project

 “Share and Go”

Youth Exchange Erasmus+

Applicant:  Futuro Digitale

Project number:  2017-2-IT03-KA105-011503

Countries involved: Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Poland, Spain

Participants:  38

Dates: From 04 to 12 November 2017

Place: Salerno, Italy

Location of the activities: Informagiovani Salerno

We are looking for:

  • 7 participants (under 30 years old) and 1 group leader (whatever age) from Italy;
  • 4 participants (under 30) + 1 group leader (whatever age) from Belgium;
  • 4 participants (under 30) + 1 group leader (whatever age) from Bulgaria;
  • 4 participants (under 30) + 1 group leader (whatever age) from Estonia;
  • 4 participants (under 30) + 1 group leader (whatever age) from Greece;
  • 4 participants (under 30) + 1 group leader (whatever age) from Poland;
  • 4 participants (under 30) + 1 group leader (whatever age) from Spain;

Economical conditions:

  • Activities, accommodation and food are included and totally funded by Erasmus+ Programme.
  • The travel is reimbursed according to Erasmus+ rules: up to 275 € for all the participants; up to 360 € for Estonian participants.

Each participant will receive a ”Youthpass” Certificate, to describe and validate the experience and the competences acquired.

If you want more information, download the Infopack


The project aims to increase the skills of 38 young people through the mutual exchange of good practices and the adoption of non-formal education methods, reconciling local needs with the training needs of the operators. The project “Share and Go“ has born as a result of the participatory EU project design workshop realized in Salerno from November 2016 to April 2017.

The project, supported by the Youth Policy and Innovation Council of the Municipality of Salerno, is focused on the opportunities coming from the “sharing economy”, in particular by online and offline platforms that allow interaction and exchanges in various areas of social life (Mobility, Transport, Tourism, Food, Consumption, Culture, Financing, Leisure, Training), a theme that offers unknown and practicable new opportunities.


“Share and Go” aims to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge about the latest and most widely existing platforms and apps of economic sharing, in order to increase awareness of current opportunities for social life and work.

Another important aim is to create a real moment of intercultural dialogue and building an European citizenship consciousness.

How to apply and participate

If you want to be a participant of this project, you have to contact the partner organisation from your Country at the following addresses, specifying in the object “Youth Exchange Share and Go in Italy”:

Asociacion ProJuven (Spain): mobility-office@projuven.org

Dynamo International (Belgium): julien@travailderue.org

Institute Perspectives (Bulgaria): chairman@institute-perspectives.com

Anazitites Theatrou (Greece):  fixinart.events@gmail.com

Seiklejate Vennaskond (Estonia): haaletaja@gmail.com

Regionalne Centrum Wolontariatu (Poland): partnership@centrumwolontariatu.eu


Also, after being selected, please fill in THIS FORM , through which we can collect your data and knowing your profile.


Contacts (coordinators)

Antonio Rossi, Project Manager: antonior.22@gmail.coma.rossi@futurodigitale.org Mobile and Whatsapp: 0039 333 4032 852 – Skype ID: antonior.22

Futuro Digitale: info@futurodigitale.org

Informagiovani Salerno: info@informagiovanisalerno.it