Project “Map of Myself to Find my Future” Youth Exchange Erasmus+

Associazione Futuro Digitale is Leader of the project “Map of Myself to Find my Future (Map2future)” Youth Exchange Erasmus+

Applicant:  Futuro Digitale

Project number:  2018-1-IT03-KA105-013351

Countries involved:  Italy, France, Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Spain

Participants:  37

Dates: From 16 to 24 October 2018

Place:  Salerno, Italy

Location of the activities: Informagiovani Salerno

Economical conditions:

  • Activities, accommodation and food are included and totally funded by Erasmus+ Programme.
  • The travel is reimbursed according to Erasmus+ rules: up to 275 € for all the participants;
  • Participation Fee: 20 €.

Each participant will receive a ”Youthpass” Certificate, to describe and validate the experience and the competences acquired.

If you want more information, download the official Infopack!


The project aims to increase the skills of 37 young people through the mutual exchange and non-formal education methods.

The Project “Map of Myself to Find My Future” (Map2future) arises from the analysis (empirical and statistical) that, faced with a competitive and epochally transformed labor market, young people need tools to recognize the skills that they often do not know they have or cannot emerge because of lack of effective tools.

According to Erasmus+ objectives, the partnership of Map2future intends to create a project that, through non formal education activities, can transfer not only the concept of soft skills to young people, but also real, effective and tested tools to increase and recognize transversal skills and integrative to the formal / technical ones.

the project aims to enable young Europeans to identify their skills through self-assessment tools in order to be, in the long run, more ready to enter and be in line with the needs of the job market.


Based on the general objectives of the Erasmus+ Programme, Map2future wants to achieve the following aims:

  • Learning to use tools for self-recognition and self-evaluation of concrete skills.
  • Acquiring new transversal skills to develop on a personal, professional and social level.
  • Learning to enhance skills through external communication techniques.

The project aims to have an impact on all the young participants which, through the exchange of experiences, can enrich their knowledge and know other points of view. The main desired impact is to increase their employability in the long-term and to ensure that other young people in the starting contexts, in the follow-up phase, can also be trained using the same tools.

How to apply and participate

If you want to be a participant of this project, you have to contact the partner organisation from your Country. All the partners are mentioned in the Infopack.

Contacts (coordinators)

Antonio Rossi, Project Manager: – 

Mobile and Whatsapp:  0039 333 4032 852 – Skype ID: antonior.22

Futuro Digitale:

Informagiovani Salerno: