Project "Agrotourism in Europe: how to revitalize rural areas" – Training Course ERASMUS + Programme

The FuturoDigitale Association is a Partner of the project

“Agrotourism in Europe: how to revitalize rural area”

Training Course Of ERASMUS +

Applicant: Asociación cultural y medioambiental Permaculture Cantabria

Participating countries: Italy, Romania, Portugal, Spain and some participants from Austria, Cyprus, Latvia

Participants: 30 young

Date: from 29 November to 5 December 2016.

Place: Solórzano, Cantabria


The Association FuturoDigitale search

  •  5 participants between 18-30 years

Economic Conditions

  • participation in activities, room and Board are fully funded ERASMUS +;
  • the participant must anticipate the travel expenses, which will be followed by a refund up to $250;
  • You must pay, before departure, a fee of 50 €;

Participants will receive a certificate, “Youthpass” which describes and validates the non-formal and informal learning experience gained during the project, to be attached to the CV.


This course aims to widen our knowledge and teaching methods about sustainable rural development in order to improve the agro-touristic models we have in our region and the employment opportunities of the youth in our community. We aim to foster inter-organizational cooperation at local, regional and European level, and to raise awareness of the importance of rural areas as a source of wisdom of traditions, culture and environmental protection. The methodology of the course will be based on experiential and participative learning, combining training sessions of theoretical content with practical methods. We’ll learn from real cases of agritourism development in the region of Cantabria, and exchange of best practices that we can implement in our context and daily work.