Presentation of ADULT RESTART – KA2 Project

Futuro Digitale, in order to present and promote the European project “RESTARTING ADULT LEARNING SKILLS THROUGHT NEW TEACHING METHODS (ADULT RESTART)”, organized and held, at the headquarters of the association in Terranova da Sibari, a seminar during which the members of the association itself exposed all the aspects of the project to the participants: the objectives, the tasks carried out both by Futuro Digitale and by the other partners.

The purpose of the project was presented, to analyze, research and develop pedagogues for innovative and high quality material that can help distance learning for adults, as well as to improve the methods used, in addition to presenting all the activities performed and what it took place at the training meeting held in Platania.

The seminar was attended by young people and not from different parts of Europe as well as from India, so the participants were able to intervene by discussing the differences between the modalities of Italy, Estonia and Latvia and their countries, so it was also an opportunity to meet.

The seminar also discussed and discussed differences and equalities between countries with a culture so different from one another, which led to participation by all.