Photo Contest


Be part of DARE TO BE UP! project with Futuro Digitale 

From the 6th of March to the 20th of April 2017, send us your photos inspired by project’s mission:

The top 3 photos with more likes will have as a gift a 30€ Amazon voucher and the photo with more likes overall will be chosen as the photo symbol of the project!

DARE TO BE UP! means involvement and joining.

It means to discover new worlds, know many realities and share special moments…together! Share your special moments with Futuro Digitale, you can be the lucky winner!

The goal of Futuro Digitale is to grow DARE TO BE UP! also in the European Union, identifying new and important partners to develop the entire project outside Italy.


  • We accept only photos sent via private message to “Futuro Digitale” Facebook official page that are focused on project’s mission;
  • We accept only votes by “like” button (thumbs up button) for the photos uploaded in “DARE TO BE UP! PHOTO CONTEST” album in Futuro Digitale Facebook Page. We don’t accept any other button like heart, smileys or comments;
  • It is allowed to take part to contest with just one photo per user;
  • Winners will be the 3 photos that at 8 pm of the 20th of April 2017 will have more likes from “DARE TO BE UP! PHOTO CONTEST” album in Futuro Digitale Facebook Page;
  • Association’s gift is n.1 Amazon 30€ Voucher per winner, to be used on amazon.com within 10 years;
  • Futuro Digitale Team will contact the 3 winners asking to re-send the photo through private message to confirm the authenticity. if winner does not answer or does not re-send photo whitin 24 hours from the end of the contest (8pm of the 21th of April, 2017), will waive the gift and the Staff will contact photos’ authors qualified from 4th to down.


Visit the facebook page: