Project i.s.h.a.

The aim of the project @ i.s.h.

Lead Organization: Associazione Centro Universe Southern Autism Jonico

Build a map of subjects with autism so that they are clear and detailed macro-characteristics of the phenomenon; the map shall contain the following key elements:

  • -Number of subjects divided into the so called “autistic spectrum” includes the actual autistic disorder, childhood disintegrative disorder, pervasive developmental disorders not otherwise classified and Asperger syndrome;
  • -Characteristics of the social and family contexts in which such persons live;
  • -Public institutions who have charge of such persons;
  • -Other institutions/public/private Organizations to which they refer;
  • -Type of requests for assistance received directly by households or institutions/organizations of reference.


  • -all those who currently have an active role in the processes of care, support, education, or any other form of support;
  • -the services we offer and how they are accessed by users;
  • -methodological addresses used by such entities in the treatment of individuals with autism;
  • -the systems used by such entities for recording, storage, management, transmission of information (biographical data, diagnosis, interventions and results etc.) about users accessing services;
  • -the existence of any joint projects and/or networks between the subjects themselves and/or with different subjects (at the regional, national, international) with similar goals of care, assistance, education etc. of individuals with autism.