Interview with Hasan from Turkey

Interview with Hasan from Turkey, who did his internship at Futuro Digitale

Question n°1

First of all, lets  talking about erasmus? What is an erasmus?

I think  Erasmus is a cultural and academic activity that enables institutions to act in cooperation and makes human exchange.

Question n°2

Why you choose Futuro Digitale/Terranova da Sibari (Italy) and what was the first time in Terranova da Sibari?

I choose Futuro Digitale because, first they returned me. This make me happy because when you apply somewhere, they dont answer generally. Terranova da Sibari is a spacious and calm place which gives positive impact to you. And people are so helpful. Only the problem is transportation. It was difficult to come Terranova da Sibari.

Question n°3

How was your Erasmus experience? What has  this experience changed in your life?

It was the first time out of my country. And before i come, i thought it is hard to go abroad. But now i can live in everwhere. that is the most important point i gain by this erasmus experience. I learned about different cultures and languages.

Question n°4

Do you have a moment that you did not forget during your erasmus internship experience in Futuro Digitale/Terranova da Sibari?

I can’t forget about my friends. It was really good day we cooked good meals, we went outside together. We spend good time with good memories.

Question n°5

You are recommended for students who will go to Erasmus internship?

I think that every student should do that. I recommend don’t hesitate to make erasmus.