Futuro Digitale is partner of the project


Talking About Sexuality


  • ID project: 2017-3-AT02-KA205-002004
  • Duration: 02/2018 – 05/2020
  • Website: www.unexcited.eu 
  • Coordinator: liebenslust*  (Austria)
  • Partner: 
    • CAI (Portugal)
    • GSP (Germany)
    • NKE (Poland)
    • VMG (Austria)
    • Futuro Digitale (Italy)



at hand intends to create strategic partnership for practitioners in the EU. liebenslust* takes initiative in the founding of a low-threshold, comprehensible and communicative network with the goal of solidarity and togetherness.


  • Strengthening the sex educational part of youth work via networking and exchange
  • Sensitizing the public
  • Developing intellectual outputs

In the allotted project window of 2018 to 2020, thousands of people should profit from a new, interconnected cooperation.


To develop materials for an unexcited public relations work in the sexual pedagogical context, in order to:

  • Provide young people with information that strengthens their health competencies.
  • Support educators in their strategies and competences for an accessible communication with diverse target groups.
  • Create an unexcited, open and positive atmosphere where people can gather information based on their interests.
  • Strengthen people’s awareness of their own boundaries and those of other people through sensitive language.
  • Attain a sensitization in the general public about topics of sexual education including sexism, crossing of boundaries, harrassment, and sexual assault.