Futuro Digitale is partner of the project

Learning app for the Vet on volunteering management programmes(LEVOL-APP)

  • ID project:
  • Duration: 1/10/2017 – 31/01/2020
  • Website: www.levol-app.eu
  • Coordinator: Pista Magica (Portugal)
  • Partner: 
    • Neo-Sapiens (Spain)
    • Platforma dobrovolnickych centier a organizacii (Slovakia)
    • Birmingham Voluntary Service Council (United Kingdom)
    • Futuro Digitale (Italy)


“Levol-app: learning app for the VET on volunteering management programmes” is a project that wants to support NGOs to deal with a wide range of challenges on their day-to-day management routine: such as fundraising actions to sustain their activities or human resources management to implement their programmes. Difficulties of NGOs in volunteer management is connected to lack of resources and non-easily accessible learning tools.

Levol-app strategic Erasmus plus partnership project wants to create concrete working tools to boost skills and competences to cover based-to-the-ground needs of non-profits. Levol-app lasts 28 months and it gathers different NGOs, namely: the coordinator partner, Pista Mágica – Associação (Portugal) with the support of Neo Sapiens (Spain), Associazione di Promozione Sociale Futuro Digitale (Italy), Platforma dobrovolnickych centier a organizacii (PDCO) (Slovakia) and the Birmingham voluntary Service Council (BVSC) (United Kingdom).

The objective is to work together and exchange good practices related to the training of those responsible of the creation and coordination of volunteer management programmes (at local or international level). To achieve this, partner organisations will create an online platform on five languages to support NGOs to improve their volunteer management in order to better engage volunteers as active citizens and improve the competences and professional skills of the volunteer managers.

The materials and training sessions to be created online will deal with topics such as planning a high impact volunteer program, organizing a volunteer program, creating motivation volunteer positions, recruiting the right volunteers, matching volunteers to work, preparing volunteers for success, supersizing volunteers for maximum performance, measuring volunteer program effectiveness, recognition of volunteers, and transnational volunteering. All the participants taking part on the project will not only be able to use this tool to create their own volunteering programmes, but will also have the support of personal coaches on each partner country that will help them to implement the knowledge acquired during the project.

During the project implementation, partner organisations will run together different activities in the five countries involved such as:

  • Four coordination meetings on the project partner countries in order to get to know the best practices and local projects related to volunteering management and training.
  • Design, creation, test and publication of different materials and an online learning platform for non profit organisations.
  • Local meetings and focus groups on different parts of each partner country to meet the target group of the project and establish the needs to be covered by the project results.
  • A transnational training course for volunteer management coaches to capacitate them on the use of the project outputs, online platform and materials.
  • Online activities for learners (NGOs’ staff and volunteers) interested on creating or improving the volunteer programmes of their organisations.
  • Multiplier events on each partner country to disseminate the project results and promote the use of its outputs.
  • The design of a quality seal that will reward the best volunteering programmes of those NGOs taking part in the project and using its online platform.

All the results of “Levol-app” will be openly shared by the project website that will not only inform about it, but also contain all its outputs and provide a permanent access to the online training platform created.