ERASMUS+ KA2: EFV-eSkills for Volunteers

FuturoDigitale is a partner of the Project

EFV-eSkills for Volunteers

ID Project: 2016-2-ES02-KA205-007980

Running dates: 11/1/2016 – 6/30/2018 (20 months)


    • Asociación PROJUVEN – Spain (Applicant)
    • Associazione di Promozione Sociale Futuro Digitale – Italy
    • Associação Intercultural Amigos da Mobilidade – Portugal
    • Asociatia GEYC – Romania

Website: www.e-volunteers.eu

 E-learning platform: eSkills for Volunteers


Project Summary


The importance of digital skills for both social inclusion and employability has been made an high priority by the European Commission, hence several initiative such as Digital Agenda, Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs, Eskills for jobs campaign, EU Code Week and reinforced in the recently published “Eskills Manifesto” introduced by Vice President Ansip. Ansip also note that Commissioner Andrus ANSIP “the ICT skill gap is growing to unacceptable level”.

Equipping citizen from all background with relevant digital skills is a responsibility shared between governments, industry, academia, and individuals. Youngsters, often called digital natives are most concerned. They are regular users of technology but research shows that they often not have the relevant skills to be savvy or competent users. Furthermore as youth unemployment is a major issue all other Europe, mastering these skills is becoming critical to fill the huge gap created by the digital revolution.

Education is the tool used by eSkills for Volunteers (EFV) project, not only to contribute to training and to foster digital skills, but also to promote social inclusion, tolerance, respect for diversity and non-discrimination. Our main objective is to reinforce ICT digital knowledge/literacy in order to reinforce social inclusion give and uniform the basis of work of ICT-active organisations, sharing best practices, understanding better the relation with volunteers, and better preparing youth workers and volunteers engaged in this field to improve the expected impacts, according to the European objectives.

Therefore, this transnational project is aim to develop a common European framework inside the project in order to boost digital skills for volunteering and  promote the exchange of knowledge and best practices among countries, the interculturalism, the encouragement of a European sense of belonging and the respect for the principles of the EU Treaties.