Entrepreneurship Plus (EP) – ka2 Project

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Entrepreneurship Plus (EP)

KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices





Project Number: 2018-2-BE04-KA205-002308

Running dates:11.01.2018 to 06.30.2020 (20 months)


  • Association Universitaire Latino-Américaine (Belgium)


  • Kulturális KAPCSOLATOKERT Alapítvány (Hungary)




Many young people are struggling to find work, improve their education and to cope with a new world order perceiving that they have no role. Indeed, while the overall unemployment rate Eurozone amounted to 8.9% in September 2017, the lowest rate since February 2009, the youth unemployment for people aged 15 to 24 remains high.

Therefore, the promotion of youth entrepreneurship is considered by many one of the main solutions to the European youth unemployment and the challenges of society. For this reason, the main objective of the project is to provide young workers with all the skills and expertise to be able to understand the business sector. The specific objectives are:

  • To provide the young workers a better entrepreneurship and the role of non-formal understanding in support entrepreneurship among themselves;
  • Provide methods of youth workers, practical tools that can adopt and adapt to their environment, as well as facilitate the promotion of entrepreneurship among young people;
  • Promote the peer learning activities in order to improve the capacities and skills of young workers in delivering entrepreneurship;
  • Compose a series of educational materials such as open educational resources (OER);
  • Develop a digital guide for youth workers to support young entrepreneurship;
  • Explore existing programs in support of youth entrepreneurship and youth employment.

To implement this we will design and realize an e-learning module to help young workers to learn new ways in which to apply entrepreneurial learning, through the work of young people. We will develop also a digital guide that will contain all of the good practices developed, taking into account the experience and opinion of all the participants.