E-entrepreneur” KA2 Erasmus+

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KA2 Strategic partnership in the field of youth


Name:  E-entrepreneur

ID Project: 2019‐2‐DK01‐KA205‐060317

Running Dates: 20 month  (1/09/2019 – 30/04/2021)

Flyer of the project: Here


  • DANISH YOUTH TEAM (Coordinator- Denmark)
  • EUROPEYOU (Spain)

Website:  (avaible soon)


The need to carry out this project at transnational level is due to our intention to contribute to pursuing the EU 2020 growth strategy that pays particular attention to the promotion of entrepreneurship and includes an action plan that focuses attention on creating a favorable environment in support of youth entrepreneurship Extend and develop the skills of young operators, in particular in the effective use of ICT in entrepreneurial learning, for better awareness and better learning outcomes, which is also in line with the key objectives of the Erasmus + program for 2019.

the “E-entrepreneur” project will provide young workers with a more specialized knowledge of e-commerce tools and technologies.

In this regard, the specific objectives of the project are:

– Reflect on the role of young people in relation to electronic commerce, digital approaches and youth entrepreneurship;

– Enable young workers to fully exploit the full potential of electronic commerce to provide effective entrepreneurial education;

– Improve the knowledge of young operators on the use of different e-commerce tools and technologies by making them understand what kind of skills are needed to be young entrepreneurs;

– Provide adequate training opportunities for young workers to further develop their knowledge, skills and professional skills;

– Improve mutual learning and the sharing of good practices;

– Compose a series of teaching materials as open educational resources (OER);

– Create an online platform that will contain all project results and allow young workers to access all the materials produced during the project.

The target group of the project will be the young workers involved in entrepreneurial learning who will update their digital skills and the use of e-commerce technology, while the indirect target group are young entrepreneurs and unemployed young people, who will benefit from young operators more prepared through the offer of high quality youth entrepreneurial learning.