DILABS – Digital community and innovation in adult education and basic skills

FuturoDigitale is a partners of the project


ID Project: 2016-1-FR01-KA204-023952

Running time: 01-09-2016 / 31-08-2019


    • Université de Lille 1 (France)
    • Collegium Balticum (Polonia)
    • Oslo and Akershus University College (Norway)
    • Futuro Digitale (Italy)
    • Centre de formation Dr. Rui Gracio (Portugal)
    • Glafka SRO (Czech Republic)
    • IES Jacarandá (Spagna)
    • Inercia Digital (Spagna)



DILABS aims at supporting trainers/teachers, staff and organizations involved in adult education in the field of key competences, including literacy and digital skills, in an active process of developing European cooperation. The project will contribute to the development of a model of inclusive society, and of improvement of training process dedicated to adults with no qualification, facing problems of literacy, or lacking of basic skills.

DILABS is developed in an intercultural context, and in an improving approach of programs dedicated to adults facing problems of literacy, early school leavers, and/or with low level of qualification and lacking of basic skills.

The main objectives of project are:

  • Raising awareness in the field of Key competences and identification of illiteracy situations, linked to the labour market, and/or social inclusion;
  • Training of trainers of adults in the field of key competences, methodology to develop innovative and efficient training programs, digital skills to improve training programs, teaching literacy;
  • Development and support of a “learning community” and collaborative system in an evolutive and portable approach.