Capacity Building E-ICT

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Bridging entrepreneurship and ICT divide


  • Title: Capacity Building – Bridging entrepreneurship and ICT divide (E-ICT)
  • ID Project:  589823-EPP-1-2017-1-AM-EPPKA2-CBY-EP-CSF
  • Running dates: 1/8/2017 – 31/3/2019
  • Partners:
    • Shirak Teachers Union Scientific Educational Center NGO (Coordinator – Armenia)
    • United Societies of Balkans (Greece)
    • Global Union for Innovation, Development and Education (Bulgaria)
    • CAAT Projects (Netherlands)
    • Futuro Digitale (Italy)
    • Fundacja Instytut Innowacji (Poland)
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Youth unemployment is a major challenge worldwide and it is conditioned by several factors among which the education system. The curriculum of both basic and professional educational sectors does not address the huge potential of ICT on entrepreneurship and that is why even “digital natives” could not maximize ICT to their advantage for starting business or finding jobs. To achieve continuous improvements of entrepreneurial competencies, along with variety of business related topics, learning should be implemented with effective inclusion of digital literacy elements and use different ICT tools.

The project’s focus on ICT is a response to global market trends that identify digital competence as one of the in-demand skills. By incapacitating youth workers in ICT teaching, we provide a framework that would make it easier for them to develop training programs that combine business related skills with digital competence.

The distinctive Project Consortium, comprising five European NGOs and one Armenian, follows a logical series of activities that a) promote the capacity of youth workers to develop digital literacy and entrepreneurship training tools; b) apply these tools to equip young people with entrepreneurial and digital skills and c)  build a sustainable and cooperative approach between young people and youth workers to maximize networking among them and creating innovative long-term partnership.

The project will foster cooperation and exchanges in the field of youth between EU and Armenia through non-formal learning mobility targeting young people with fewer opportunities, promoting their active entrepreneurship and job creation.

Modules will be only available for project participants on the project online platform (O1). Once the first TC will be over the first three learning modules will be freely available to all interested stakeholders through the project online platform (O1) and so on for the remaining ones. There will be quizzes incorporated within each module and participants have to participate on all on-line discussion forums for each module.


  • Create a solid synergy among European and Caucasian youth to advance use of ICT for their business ventures
  • Unlock the power of youth to see problems as opportunities driving new and innovative ICT solutions in partnership with the European peers
  • Increase the young entrepreneurs’ visibility, influence, networking and access to information and resources by harnessing the limitless potentials of e-commerce
  • Equip young entrepreneurs with cutting-edge ICT, entrepreneurship, social media, and advocacy skills
  • To train youth in Social entrepreneurship, social media strategies critical IT business and financial skills
  • To train potential entrepreneurs in the basics of starting and running business
  • To teach current EU business support tools available for EU partner countries (H2020, COSME, etc.)
  • Attract national media attention to the problem of unemployed youth and demonstrate the impact of youth-led microenterprises
  • To develop guidebooks: “How to start and sustain business” and “Feasible small business ideas” and project final booklet
  • To build network and peer to peer learning between young people in 6 countries
  • To build a sustainable-cooperative approach between trainings’ participants to maximize networking among them and creating innovative long-term partnership