Erasmus in Musica 2017: blues, swing, folk, for the integration of the cultures

For the 30 years of the Erasmus + program

FuturoDigitale Organizes the second edition of

“Erasmus in Music”

Rhythm, melody and harmony are the essential elements of the interweaving of notes, sounds and languages ​​that bind in a unique embrace of different peoples and cultures. “Blues, Swing & Folk for the Integration of European Cultures” is the title of the Futuro Digitale’s musical event that will take place on July 14, 2016 in the wonderful medieval square of Vittorio Emanuele III of Terranova da Sibari.
Music, from its origins, is the universal instrument for deep communication between individuals and society, capable of culturally contaminating place, periods and traditions, becoming a natural bridge of dialogue that can eliminate diversity.
The European dimension is indispensable to the concept of musical culture, also in the Erasmus field, where it is possible to know, discover, live and experience socio-cultural music, rituals, celebrations, traditions of peoples and different countries. An essential tool for mutual knowledge and enrichment.

Event hosted by Futuro Digitale and Hostaria Antico Borgo, sponsored by:

Guests of the evening, Erasmus students who are doing their internship at FuturoDigitale..

With the musical performance of:

  • Eugenio Greco & New Mississipi
  • I Soprano Live Swing Gang
  • Francesco Sicari & Attilio Costa
  • Raffaello Simeoni
  • Umberto Papadia
  • AfrricaDJEmbefolalou


About the event: