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Sustainable lifestyle guidelines

Share your goods!
Reduce your paper consumption! Print only if it’s necessary!
Buy clothes from second hand stores/outlets!
Buy recycled goods!
Use swap-shops!
You can make your own cleaning products at home, not buying them from the store (for example, by using vinegar)!
Use natural remedies before using pills for minor affections, such as a minor headache!
Read labels on clothes before you buy!
Try hitchhiking or the bicycle or sharing the car with a neighbor to get to work!
When you take out your dog, you can collect rubish!
When you go shopping for a barbacue, do not forget to buy a trash bag!
Grow basil or spices in your balcony/apartment!
You can start your own Urban garden!
Use public transportation more!
Reduce your Water consumption!
Save water when you shower, wash your hands, brush your teeth or when you do kitchen related work!
Use grey water systems!
Turn off the lights when you leave the room!
Respect Earth Hour and No car day!
Use light sources of minimum intensity!
Adjust the type of used lights!
Evaluate your existing light plan!
Reduce your plastic consumption!
Buy from local markets and support them!
Use textile bags instead of plastic bags!
Go to recycle centers!
Announce the competent authorities about the areas in which trash bins or containers are missing!
Be more involved in the decision making process!
Ask the authorities for a better city structure for cycling tracks!
Educate the youngsters, by showing them farms, supermarkets, recycling centers!
Inform people about sustainability and ecology!