Development actors


Experimental workshop "development"

designed by digital future and launched as part of its initiative

A masterpiece Europe trip, a discovery!

Digital future, as part of its Mission and as a concrete gesture of Policoro project, in order to achieve their goals has launched in January 2013, self-financing, the experimental workshop "development actors", born in order to stimulate demand for new entrepreneurship and greater participation of young people in the development of civil society.

The project was selected under Call For Projects and Proposals – Innovative Mapping Participation Practices In Europe of Jede Stimme e.V. part of the Berlin Network Of Civil Society Organisations!

Purpose of the Workshop was to:

  1. promote social participation and cooperation;
  2. encourage individual development and relationships of young man with the Group and the group with the community through gatherings too informal;
  3. implement initiatives that will facilitate the comparison and sharing problems between operators and users;
  4. build links and communication and operational circuits between existing services;
  5. enable relational networks connections among the various realities of the territory to strengthen synergies and to mature in the community sharing of needs, such as employment;
  6. stimulate and engage all the resources of the community, in view of the maximum consensus and active participation;
  7. promote and develop relational patterns and communication processes of the community;
  8. stimulate and foster cooperative attitudes, of Exchange and dialogue among young people from different realities to create stable production activities;
  9. promote within the territory of the experimental pilot interventions, aimed at the creation of models that are usable in other contexts and/or used to deal with the phenomena of unemployment and then of social distress.

The workshop was inspired by the concept of empowerment, or increase the capacity by the local company, to design and manage their own development processes.

The development of local societies feeding with initiatives that tend to rebuild an environment from peculiarities and the riches of the territory.

Local communities combine economic dimensions with social ones, the purpose of the growth with cohesion policy, the public sphere with the private key, the "Vanguards" of communication with local knowledge. Their wealth resides in this plot that becomes unique in each territorial context.

Each territory, on the other hand, stands out for the potential at its disposal for the structure and evolution of its economic and employment situation, for institutions and relationships that characterize it.

With the workshop it was decided to experiment with the possibility of triggering processes of development based on the exploitation of the potential of the territory, urging a question already present but not yet structured and organized, and thus unable to promote itself and compete, using the levers of:

  • -promotion of culture of self-employment and of emergence from situations of undeclared work;
  • -promoting the development of entrepreneurial behaviours aimed at enterprise creation;
  • -promotion of measures in support of employment.

and it was decided to:

  • -start the systematic comparison between the experiences of land development promoted by local actors, activating mechanisms of self promotion and empowerment of interested entities, which become, in this regard, partners of the initiative;
  • -acquire, through a Territorial Checkup, knowledge production and social identity of the two Institutions analysing business ideas with their strengths and weaknesses and its principal innovation needs and consolidation. The Check-Up will be developed through the Territorial Administration, such a sample does not reason for young people, "semi-structured interviews cards" aimed at identifying possible areas for strategic intervention for adding value (through actions of creating new initiatives; the emergence of existing undertakings; spinoffs; creating employment) at selected business ideas; check your entrepreneurial potential area of focus and occupational development opportunities, trying to monitor, at the same time, the phenomenon of undeclared work.

The experimental laboratory was started under the initiative "Europe masterpiece … a journey, a discovery", promoted by digital future, with the aim of offering a space for open dialogue to help give an answer to those young people who are seeking knowledge tools and education for entrepreneurship and to those young people who have lost interest and appetite and fight because of progressive mistrust in institutions , within the law and politics at various levels. In this regard, the initiative, promoting the active participation of young people in creating a document as the "Charter for a new Governance model", gave the impulse to respond to their need to use explicit and shared guidelines around the size of your institutional representation and consequently reflect the demands and expectations of its stakeholders, how dare able to regenerate the subjectivity.

The paper containing the new Governance model:

  • ·         Aims to contribute to the quality and effectiveness of relationship agreements involving young people, with a view to inclusion and connecting systems, genres, generations, territories and local representation and European levels, with a view to constant feedback;
  • ·         It will be designed to protect dignity, visibility, skills of young European citizens and their sense of initiative, creativity, entrepreneurship and employability;
  • ·         He will acknowledge the principle of horizontal subsidiarity, active citizenship, youth participation and multiculturalism;
  • ·         Responsible for programming and evaluation will feed convergences of youth policy and social life, especially in key European and international levels;
  • ·         Will encourage and facilitate the definition of rules, shared and mutually respectful relations between the business world and local and European national institutions as well as in participation in consultation processes and consultation at various levels and decision-making contexts;
  • ·         Will be the result of the programming of the organisations dealing with youth policy, starting from the experience and aspirations of young people, as part of a project that originated in Italy, which led to a national network initiative that promotes development processes of the entrepreneurial spirit of young people (the Policoro project of the Italian Bishops ' Conference, which the Association digital future is concrete gesture).
  • Through this document you are pursued the following objectives
  • ·         Collect and share experiences and testimonials of practitioners and stakeholders.
  • ·         Promote, through the dissemination of best practices, a culture of inclusion, showing how attention to multicultural dimension could result in a competitive weapon for future young entrepreneurs
  • ·         Allow project participants to define specific policies and multicultural strategies, to compare the different perspectives and identify the most appropriate path to its reality, as it can refer to consolidated experience and effective.



Protest and Participation – Civic Participation in Europe

In the wake of the European elections 2014, Jede Stimme eV has gathered, through a selection which occurred in August 2014, initiatives, actions and discussions in Europe about innovative projects about political participation of civil society.

This initiative was open to participation projects at all levels. In particular, NGO projects with diverse backgrounds that deal with matters relating to citizen participation in political life, to voting rights and the development of civil society.

The projects were selected on the basis of the following elements:

  • debate on voting rights of third country nationals in Europe and their representation in the European Parliament
  • national debate on voting rights for the population of the EU on the basis of residence
  • promote representation of immigrants at all levels of European polity (local, regional, national, European)
  • strengthening civic engagement

The Call is divided into 4 steps:

  • -mapping of selected projects
  • -through the European platform CITIZENS FOR EUROPE, to which future digital adheres, all selected projects will be published online at the European level and will be part of a paperback to be published in December
  • -the selected projects will be discussicon the attoridella civil society in conferenzapubblica "democracy for everyone! Immigration, civic engagement, political participation "to be held in Berlin, at the House of representatives, 5 December 2014.
  • -the German network will start from January the search for partners and funds to finance selected projects and implement them internationally.