Interview with Furkan from Turkey

Interview with Furkan from Turkey, who did his internship at Futuro Digitale

Question n°1

First of all, lets  talking about erasmus? What is an erasmus?

I think erasmus is cultural exchange. In my opinion it’s good because you discover foreign culture and this improve your vision about life. For me it’s be a good experience because that’s my first time to go out from my country.

Question n°2

Why you choose Futuro Digitale/Terranova da Sibari (Italy) and what was the first time in Terranova da Sibari?

I chose it from my university website with my  my teacher. She encouraged me to come here. There is haven’t court for basketball but My days here are fun. They are prepare concert, theatre etc. and  Ice scream is very well. I really liked!

Question n°3

How was your Erasmus experience? What has  this experience changed in your life?

It was good because I found new frends from Turkey, Italy and India, Bulgaria and Armenia . This experience contribute my life because I felt like person who own the world. I have a holiday and I went to Germany and there is  nice city I realized I need to live there for after the university. I discover where I want to live.

Question n°4

Do you have a moment that you did not forget during your erasmus internship experience in Futuro Digitale/Terranova da Sibari?

I have an unforgettable moments. Futuro Digitale was a part of an event. We joined as a Futuro Digitale family and we competed. It’s, when I try to be faster than the other people I pressed the ground wrong and I tumbled an second after then I rise so fast and  I done to competition.

Question n°5

You are recommended for students who will go to Erasmus internship?

Of course yes. This experience was the best I had ever been.   Firstly, you need to search in google to country learn food, local people, old places or cultural places. Secondly learn daily language about  to erasmus country.