Interview with Efecenk and Mustafa from Turkey

Interview with Efecenk and Mustafa from Turkey, who did his internship at Futuro Digitale

Question n°1

Why did you choose futuro digitale as a place for internship and how has been your experience here?

Because this is an organisation, that is a non-profit organisation and it works on skill development of the student, Our experience has been great, the people were friendly and very kind to us, especially when random people used to say hello, while we were just walking on the road.

Question n°2

What is that one thing that you will remember the most after this this internship?

Well, Friday evening were the most entertaining and fun nights that we used to have, especially when we used to go eat pizza and watch football matches.

Question n°3

Who are the funny-bones in the office?

As per us, we think abhimanyu and liberale are the funniest people in the office, because they always joke around and keep a fun and positive atmosphere in the office.

Question n°4

What was the most challenging task given to you?

As per efe, creating new web pages with moodle was a challenging task for him and mustafa said that researching for his waste management project was a difficult task.