Interview Federico Baroni

The president of Futuro Digitale Antonio Gallo, interviewed Federico Baroni about his job shadowing experience​

Tell us about the “ES4Y” job shadowing experience

I think it​’​s one of the best experiences for youth people, ​because you are able to improve your social and professional skills.

Learning about complexity of the cultures around the globe, and theirs principal values.

If you want to be a global entrepreneur or social impact agent, you must do an Erasmus experience.

What is the most important thing you have learned during the job shadowing?

I learn​ed ​a lot of italian values, and what the european union wants for our youth.

I realized there is too much to do, at digital education for little villages around Italy and i think, E​urope.

One of the biggest task for social institutions is teach to people how internet works, and how they can find a job, create their own job at it, or do things more quickly than paper.

“​According with my collegue, David Perea, there are some “baby steps” to follow in order to rich a transparency, decomatric and cooperative Goverment. I think is our big target as society.​”

In your opinion, why entrepreneurial skills are important for youth workers/youth leaders?

I think those are the base for every person who has impact (social / ambiental). Learn entrepreneurial skills at youth, is the best way to improve your performance.

You have to be prepeared to solve any problem or situation.

To manage resources, like time and money, this applies for your life in general.If we teach this kind of skills they may change the world for better, thats my point of view.​