Kublai in field


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Kublai in Field

“New ideas are confronted”


Wednesday, October 15, 2014, at 10.00-17.30

Ecolandia Park-Nearby Arghillà Reggio Calabria

Kublai is a program sponsored by the Department for Economic development and cohesion within the PON Governance and technical assistance 2007/2013 with the aim of helping good ideas to become sustainable projects. In this context, the initiative to:

  • -promote the dissemination of the culture of development, creativity and entrepreneurship among young people;
  • -support the development of ideas that have an impact on the territorial context in which they are proposed;
  • -create opportunities for discussion and involvement at the local level and broaden the community of people discussing on Kublai of ideas and projects;
  • -encourage the comparison, alliances and partnerships to strengthen the ideas and generate sustainable projects.

The event

In Calabria, following an expression of interest, have been identified as partners Free Calabria and associations Aniti and digital future. With them we share the idea of sharing and community planning to generate projects that can respond to emerging social needs: from education to work, mobility, quality of life, from health to social inclusion.

This is why we decided to organize a day of confrontation, transfer of ideas and knowledge (depending on the model of the Barcamp) to trigger a virtuous circuit of creativity, collaboration and networking, in a perspective of sustainable local development.

The event is intended for potential entrepreneurs, start ups, associations, people carriers of ideas for the development of the area interested in identifying ways to implement them.

The activities will take place in the beautiful setting of the play park Environmental Technology-Ecolandia which is a nice example of integral evaluation of resources local identities.

Jobs of the day will be introduced by some speakers (for FuturoDigitale there will be Dr. Paul Malik of MateHub) who will have the task of introducing topics and useful ideas for future discussions.

How you can  join

In Kublai  camp you  can participate with your idea, with a project that is by joining an idea proposed by others. Therefore, all interested parties must register by October 10, 2014 on the platform  of Kublai, join the project “In the Calabria 2014” and open its own forum to tell their idea/project. Also will be given the option to subscribe to forums already exist containing lepropostedeglialtri participants.

Before the event, the ideas discussed in the forums will be collected and shared with the participants, so as to organize the working tables.

Itinerary of BarCamp

The ideas outlined by the participants and those relating to the enhancement of 3 confiscated goods will be shared and discussed by working groups of at least 5 people in two consecutive rounds lasting one hour and 30 minutes each.

At the conclusion of each round a facilitator will present to the entire audience of participants a brief abstract of the discussion and will report the results to which we want to achieve in the second phase.

At the end of the day we will present design advances and proposals for the realization of ideas.

Community planning activities will be carried out primarily by using the platform of Kublai where during the day, a large group of designers will offer its online collaboration to different workgroups.

Program of the day

10.00-10.30-welcome and introduction of the day
Tito Bianchi, Project Kublai-Vincenzo Apa, Simona Association digital future-Sity, Association Aniti-Bui LAN, free Calabria
10.30-12.30-Barcamp, discussions on ideas and projects (round 1)
12.30-13.30-tools for creating enterprise
Thomas Dale, Association Plots-crowdfunding and cultural promotion initiatives. Paul Malik, Matera HUB-MOBILITY and Erasmus Young Imprenditori.In being defined, cooperative credit Bank-“Good business” for good projects.
13.30-14.30 Lunch break
14.30-16.30-Barcamp, discussions on ideas and projects (2° round)
16.30-17.00-the stories of places and projects
Gahenda, Ecolandia-Ecolandia Consortium: a park for social enterprise. Vincenzo Marino, Processes Soc.Coop. –
17.00-17.30-Notes for the future


For more information, please visit www.progettokublai.net and contact the staff of Kublai to the address info@progettokublai.net.logo_DPS