Why FD school?


  •  All courses follow ADA methodology in order to prepare students for the PLIDA examinations.
  • Futuro Digitale is accredited by certificate of Dante Alighieri Society.
  • In the end of the course, a student gets a certificate of attendance.


  • FD school provides an informal relationship between students and professors.
  • The atmosphere in our school is friendly and we respect a learning process as much as we respect our students.
  • The secret of our method is the personalized attention to each student because we are aware of the individuality of every person.
  • Students are free to ask any questions with respect to the classes or the life in Italy. We are always happy to help.


FD school offers Italian courses on the South of Italy in the region of Calabria. This place is very picturesque and quite peculiar. You can find here what you can not find on the North: a reverse side of the Italian character. And maybe the South is not as famous as the North but it has its tone and it has its mystery. Calabria hides something at the foot of the mountains. What it conceals is beautiful, spirited, truthful, full of romance and why. Would you like to know the secret of the dreamlike South? Who knows, maybe here you can discover the dreams you have always wanted to have, to see and to feel.