Italian culture


Italians greatly contributed to the arts, music, cuisine, fashion, sports, science, technology and business. What Italians do have is a good taste. They are mostly famous for a taste in food, style and design. If you just look at genius of the Italian art or at the sophistication of the clothes Italians wear, you start to understand that these people can see the beauty in life.

If you look at the Italian cars such as Alfa Romeo and Ferrari, you realize that not only Italians have a taste, but a first-rate intelligence. The power of Italian music is so strong that a lot of international musicians come to study in Italian conservatories.

Regarding family life Italians appreciate their house and their loved ones. They will never be disrespectful towards their parents or grandparents. For Italians family means a lot and they will never betray the people they care about.


The most famous Italian food is Pasta and Pizza. Italians know how to cook both dishes in a lot of different ways. Pasta, for example, can be Spaghetti, Vermicelli, Cannelloni, Gnocchi and, of course, delicious Ravioli.

You probably have heard of  Risotto, Italian rice dish, and Chestnut pie – a pie prepared with chestnuts that can be sweet or savory. Chestnut pie can be served topped with whipped cream or it can be served with meat. Of course, the food is prepared mainly with olive oil because Italian farmers grow a lot of oil trees.

There are endless types of cheese: Gorgonzola, bufalo milk Mozzarella, Burrino, Butirro, Formaggio di capra, Grana and others.  

With respect to the drinks, you have to try Italian hot chocolate which is thick, creamy and really tasty. However, it is more common during the winter.

Hot chili sauce is also popular in Italy because the country is a big producer of chili peppers. Italians call chili pepper ‘peperoncino’. Generally, in hot countries people get used to eating spicy food and they do like it. With a help of spice a body cools down through the perspiration.

In summer one of the most popular desserts is an ice cream. An Italian ice cream is the most delicious ice cream in the world. So people from lots of countries come to Italy just to try it.



Music in Italy is of a very high quality like art. It is not written to be forgotten in a year, it is written to be remembered for centuries.

Italy is well-known for opera and instrumental classical music. To go to a classical concert in Italy is a great thing to do.     

Older generations like listening to the Italian folk music which is an important part of the country’s musical heritage.

Genres like rock, jazz and hip hop that came to Italy from the USA are played nowadays by some local bands.


Italian art speaks for itself. Too many masterpieces have been created by Romans who lived in the Empire and by the Italian artists who lived in the modern Italy.

In this country there are as many museums as there are restaurants. One can smell history and culture in every city.

Italian architecture is one of the most ancient and breathtaking on the whole planet. Photographers from all over the world come to take pictures of the stone beauty: castles, cathedrals, fountains, sculptures and historical buildings such as ancient theatres, baths, amphitheaters and circuses.

Italy is a paradise for an artist. Art-critics can also find a lot for themselves in the country of refined art monuments and all-time talents.


Italian language is the third most widely spoken first language in the European Union. There are also some Italian speakers in Switzerland and Albania. The total number of speakers is around 85 million.

Italian is equally verbal and nonverbal. To understand everything, you have to be aware of significance of the gestures. If you don’t know the meaning of a gesture, you may misunderstand the sense of the sentence or the whole situation.    

A lot of people admire the beauty of Italian language. For many it sounds musical, for many it sounds romantic. What does it sound for you?

It is true that Italian language is very loud. So if you want to be heard, learn Italian!

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