Study and Travel in Italy

 Study and Travel in Italy

Are you a traveler? Do you like to see something new and magnificent? It seems that you do because your eyes are full of brilliant sparkles and thoughts of adventure. We offer you an opportunity to study Italian and to travel to places you have never seen before.

Number of students: 8-12.

The classes are given from Monday to Friday in the morning.

Students have a free evening to go to the beach, enjoy the group trips etc.

The price includes a program of activities that take place in the hotel. These activities will be leaded by an experienced entertainer. As classes start on Mondays, the price includes the stay from the previous Sunday. If you want to come before, please, inform us!

Communication during the activities will help students to improve their Italian and enjoy the swimming pool and the closed beach.

You can choose to come back home on Saturday or to have a trip during the whole day. If you opt for a second option, you can return home on Sunday.

Posts are limited, book as soon as possible!

For any requests or other information, don’t hesitate to contact us.