Full-day trips


As an option you can stay one day longer due to visiting some distant cities during Saturdays. In this case you are going to come back to your country on Sunday instead of Saturday so that you could enjoy a Saturday trip for the whole day.

By the end of the trip where you will enjoy the city and the Italian cuisine, you will come back to the hotel in Belvedere to have a great dinner.

On Saturdays we offer the trips to the following places:

  • Guided visit to Napoli.
  • Caserta/Pompei.
  • Visit to Salerno and Amalfi coast.
  • Visit to Trani and Castel del Monte.
  • Visit to the Royal Palace of Caserta and Pompei excavations:
  •  Trip to Sassi di Matera, historical center of  Matera.  

The final decision with respect to a destination will be taken by the students.

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