Asociación PROJUVEN

Bilateral Agreement

Beetwen FuturoDigitale and  Asociación PROJUVEN. The agreement is aimed to:

  • exchange experiences of transnational cooperation;
  • set a common support and promotion of partnerships and mobility projects;
  • to include companies of both partner regions sectoral into transnational cooperation,
  • foster the mobility of young people between the two regions;
  • share human resources to work on proposal focused on the mission of the organisations;
  • equally share the tasks of the project between the partners;
  • share contacts and partners in order to build up new relations and networks;
  • to set up any activity or event that could foster the achievement of both Partners objectives;
  • to inform the partner about new European project ideas.

The parties agree on the need to work together and to join each of its human resources for the writing and presentation of projects on the following programs:

  • Horizon
  • Development cooperation
  • Others

The parties agree to meet together each year in the month of January and define the plan of activities and the projects that they will execute and realize together over the year. The organisations agree to cooperate at least for five years, respecting the following agreement.

Asociación PROJUVEN and the Associazione FUTURO DIGITALE will share their work programme every semester, dealing and editing an Annex to be attached to the bilateral agreement.

The signatories are aware about the rules concerning the money transfers between partners. In fact, every money transfer will be underpinned to the rules related to the European programs and the European laws. Every transfer will be traceable and supported by a written documentation.

Any of the signatories could interrupt the cooperation unless on communicate through official communication at least two month in advance on the day the recess become effective.