Project “Create Equal Opportunities in Cultural Diversity” Training Course – Erasmus+ Programme

L’Associazione Futuro Digitale è ufficialmente Partner del Progetto 

“Create Equal Opportunities in Cultural Diversity” Training Course

del Programma Erasmus+

Paesi partecipanti: Macedonia, Czech Republic, Italy, Croatia, Poland, United Kindom, Bulgaria, Turkey, Romania

Partecipanti: 28 partecipanti

Data: dal 10 al 17 giugno 2015

Luogo: Diyarbakir, Turchia

Partecipanti: 3 partecipanti

Condizioni economiche:

  • la partecipazione alle attività, vitto e alloggio sono GRATUITE
  • il partecipante deve anticipare le spese di viaggio, a cui seguirà un rimborso fino ad un massimo di 275 €
  • è necessario versare, prima della partenza, una quota di partecipazione di 50 €.

partecipanti sarà rilasciato il certificato ”Youthpass” che descrive e convalida l’esperienza formale e informale acquisita durante il progetto, da allegare al proprio CV.

About the project 

Create Equal Opportunities in Cultural Diversity” is a training that will take place in Diyarbakir between the dates 10-17 June 2015 with 28 participants and 2 trainers  from 9 another countries (Romania, Macedonia, Czech Republic, Italy, Croatia, Poland, United Kingdom, Bulgaria and Turkey).The methodology of the training course will be based on non-formal education methods such as role games, case studies, simulation games, group work and outdoor activities. During the project, participants will gain experiences about the cultural diversity and differences and they will gain competences about how to deal with diversity issues in their workspace and daily life but in specifically in youth work. With increased immigration in the EU and also neighbouring countries, the society is getting more and more diverse and getting more and more intense. That’s why, working with diversity and working diverse society becomes more important.  This project is This project is aimed at those who want to make a formative experience on cultural diversity and for the youth leaders and youth workers, trainers and educators working with youth (especially with young people with fewer opportunities).


With this training course, we want to achive those aims:

  • –  Create awareness about Minorities in Europe
  • –  Equip participants to develop their own projects about Cultural Diversity & Minorities
  • –  Understanding the concept of Intercultural Dialogue and Intercultural Iceberg
  • –  Understanding the identity and its effect on the individual
  • –  Creating an awareness about cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue
  • –  Equipping youth workers to combat with the discrimination which raised up with the cultural differences.