Governance Model

The project of Masterpieces Europe has the aim to provide a space for open dialogue to help give an answer to those young people who are in search of knowledge tools and education to become entrepreneurs and to those young people who have lost interest and the desire to know and to fight because of the progressive distrust in institutions, law and politics at various levels. The project promotes the active participation of young people for the creation of a document as the “Charter on a new model of governance“, which will help to pay for their need to use explicit and shared guidelines around the size of its institutional representation and then give response to the demands and expectations of its stakeholders , as a challenge subjectivity able to regenerate .

The Charter contains the new Governance Model

  • Aims to contribute to the quality and effectiveness of the agreements of relationship involving young people, in a perspective of inclusion and reconciliation between systems, genders, generations, territories and local and European levels of representation, with a constant feedback;
  • Be prepared to protect the dignit , visibility, skills of young Europeans and their spirit of initiative, creativity, entrepreneurship and employability;
  • Will incorporate the principle of horizontal subsidiarity, active citizenship, youth participation and multiculturalism;
  • Feed convergences responsible for the planning and evaluation of youth and social policies, especially in the key European and international level;
  • Will encourage and facilitate the definition of rules, shared and mutually respectful relationships between the business world and national institutions, as well as in local and European participation in the processes of consultation and coordination at different levels and decision-making contexts;
  • Will be the result of the planning of organizations that deal with youth policy, from the experience and aspirations of young people, as part of a project that originated in Italy, which led to an initiative of the national network that promotes development processes the entrepreneurial spirit of young people (Progetto Policoro of the CEI (Conferenza Episcopale Italiana) which the Association Digital Future is a “Gesture Concrete”) .

Through this paper we intend to pursue the following objectives

  • Collect and share experiences and testimonies of practitioners and stakeholders;
  • To promote, through the dissemination of best practices, a culture of inclusion, showing how attention to the multicultural dimension can result in a competitive lever for future young entrepreneurs;
  • Allow participants to the project to define specific policies and strategies, including multicultural, to compare the different perspectives and to identify the most appropriate path for their own reality, as it may refer to consolidated experiences and effective.