Erasmus Experience – Interview with Tanya

A new interview is with Tanya  from Perù , who was doing her internship at Futuro Digitale.

[Indrè] What Erasmus experience did you have in Terranova da Sibari?

 [Tanya] I had an opportunity to work in a multicultural environment. It also helped me improve my Italian as I had to interact with local people and co-workers of Futuro Digitale. In addition, I got to work a very interesting topic regarding the Mediterranean Diet, which broadened my knowledge and skills.

[Indrè] Do you recommend it to other people to do Erasmus and why?

 [Tanya] Yes. It helps young students to work on a different environment and get to know also other cultures. Erasmus participants become independent as they live in a different country and have to overcome these obstacles.

[Indrè] What did you learn from Erasmus activities here?

[Tanya] I improved my Italian and English and also improved my team competence skills and analytical skills by developing the Mediterranean diet project.

 [Indrè] Do you think Erasmus is important for young people and why?

[Tanya] It is very important for young people, because it’s a great chance to improve different skills in another environment and helps get a glance of what the real working environment is.