Erasmus Experience – Interview with Oksana

The first interview is with Oksana from Ukraine, who is doing her internship at Futuro Digitale.

[Indrè] What Erasmus experience did you have in Terranova da Sibari?

[Oksana] I’ve got a huge experience in Terranova da Sibari. First of all, I want to say that the city is good for cheap living. Free time you can spend at the local bars, where you can find a lot of friends. Italian people are really friendy and open to everybody. You will never feel bored here. You will improve here your english skills and even italian, for sure. The association Futuro Digitale will provide lots of trips and it is a good opportunity to travel around Italy.

 [Indrè] Do you recommend it to other people to do Erasmus and why?

[Oksana] I strongly recommend young people to participate in the Erasmus+ programme because it is really interesting and useful. This experience will bring you lots of benefits. You will change in the better side and there will be no employer who would not give you a good job position.

[Indrè] What did you learn from Erasmus activities here?

[Oksana] Futuro Digitale provided tasks which helped me to improve myself. Of course it is a group experience when you should work with people from different nationalities and solve some problems, when you should find the best way for solution. Also it is a feeling of importance and respect. That you came here and should respect working hours and feel yourself a part of association.

[Indrè] Do you think Erasmus is important for young people and why?

[Oksana] I believe that Erasmus+ programme is very important and useful for young people. First of all, you will discover new country, new language, new friends. You will get lots of perspective connection which would help you in your future carrier growing. Beside of it you will improve or will get your working skills. You will be able to work with people from different coutries and to solve different tasks. And you will just enjoy the time which you spend here.