Erasmus Experience – Interview with Mariangela

The second interview is with Mariangela from Italy, who lives in Terranova da Sibari.

[Indrè] What did you learn from erasmus activities here?

[Mariangela] I learn that they are doing a lot of activities here,  at Futuro Digitale, and they are enthusiastic about them. They work all day and sometimes they have activities outside the Association, such as the “aperitivo linguistico”.

[Indrè] Do you think erasmus is important for young people and why?

[Mariangela] I think it’s very important in many ways:

  1. It’s a way for young European to learn more about other cultures, especially the one in which they spend the erasmus project;
  2. It gives them the possibility to improve their English using it in non-scholastic environment.
  3. It’s also a formation activity very useful to find a good job.

[Indrè] Do you think your country has grown at a cultural level with the arrival of Erasmus students?

[Mariangela] I think that’s impossible to answer properly because there are some local people that had been very interested in the project and in the Erasmus students and others that were not interested at all. So, a part of the territory had a lot of cultural benefits from this project but a part decided to remain on its own. I hope that in the future, when this project will be better known, there will be more cultural benefits for the population and the territory. Maybe place of historical and cultural interest can be highlighted by the territory and the locals to offer to these students more cultural activities, it’s not a difficult thing to do but will give to our country an improvement.